Taste of Aruba

Like a March Twig.

Sometimes I step back and think, “where did the time go?”

OK, so by sometimes I mean often, and by often I mean at least monthly, here, in this end-of-month blog-post recap. Every month I look back and think, “where did the month go?” “Where did the time go?”

But this month I’ve been feeling it even more, not just thinking where did the time go from March 1 to March 31, but where did the time go between this time last year and today.

I’ve been in my apartment, in my new neighborhood, for over a year now, and what do I have to show for it?

I’ve lived in my apartment for over a year and have only had friends over a handful of times. I’ve lived in my apartment for over a year and still have a few boxes of things I should probably deal with. I’ve lived in my apartment for over a year and still haven’t patched up those nail holes.

I’ve belonged to my gym for nearly a year and have hardly gone. I’ve belonged to my gym for nearly a year and still haven’t made it even once to a single yoga class there. I’ve belonged to my gym for nearly a year and haven’t once gone to that global dance class that helped entice my decision to join.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a year and haven’t signed up for guitar lessons at the place across the street. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a year and have not once spent a single morning working at the local coffee shop down the block. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a year and still haven’t gone to most of the restaurants and bars on my street.

Where did the time go?

I suppose most of this month’s time warp has gone into binge watching Dawson’s Creek on Hulu. And I won’t even lie and say that was a waste of time because binge watching one of your favorite nostalgic TV shows and lusting after the will-they won’t they relationship of Joey and Pacey (fuck Dawson) and hiding under the covers ugly crying every time they broke up or kissed or looked at each other is not a waste of time.




Joey and Pacey Forever


Although I suppose those 128 hours might have been better spent taking guitar lessons or running on a treadmill or cleaning the Hoarders episode that is currently my apartment.

Shut up.

I did do some stuff this month even if that stuff didn’t involve doing my dishes…


I went to the Taste of Aruba

Aruba Marriott hosted a dinner party with all the amazing Aruban food I didn’t know existed. Did you know they have dish called keshi yena which is basically a chicken stew baked inside a giant block of cheese? Where has this been all my life? They also held a ceviche making contest…and I won! (My years of watching Food Network finally paid off.) And with that win I won a three-night stay at Aruba Marriott. Now I just have to figure out when I can go…


I bought a spiralizer

Now I can be healthy. Or something. That zucchini was not happy to see me.


I made Play-Doh roses.

I went to a context marketing event hosted by Sitecore CMS but the real reason I am telling you this is that it was hosted at Catalyst Ranch which is basically the venue I want to get married in someday. Or live in. One of those things. Because it’s this brick wall filled nothing matches kitschy mishmash of awesome. And the tables had jars of Play-Doh so I made Play-Doh roses because, again, my years of watching food Network finally paid off. (Play-Doh is basically fondant and probably just as inedible.)



I saw a rainbow.

Just sayin.


I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day

Fun fact: in all my life in Chicago I have never once been there for the dyeing of the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day.

This year I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a pot luck at work (hence, minty green Shamrock Shake pudding shots). And bagpipers came and played for us, courtesy of Uber. And then I went out for a couple of beers. That’s enough celebrating.


Easter brunch.

I celebrated Easter.

This is my nephew doing what I wanted to be doing: drinking and watching TV.


Javier Camarena

I saw Javier Camarena

An amazing tenor who performed far too many encores, enjoyable as they were.


And I wrote blog posts. You should read those…

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