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Life’s a Beach

Thought of the day:
I have to remember that when I Google images of my last name that its probably kind of gross to think “oh that guy is kind of cute.”

Thought of the day 2:
My laptop will be less likely to shut itself down if I keep it directly over my air conditioning duct. Unfortunately, it is very hard to work on your computer when it’s under your dresser.

Quote of the day:
Joe (on me): Why do I encourage the devil on my shoulder
Me: I have given my whole life over to the devil on my shoulder

**Insert picture of me, Jen, and Isla on the beach that would have been really cute if only I had remembered a memory card here**

So today Jen, Isla, and I went to New Buffalo beach in Michigan for some beaching. We swam a bit (the waves were totally awesome), played some frisbee (I can’t throw a frisbee for the life of me), and sunned a bit (despite there not being a whole lotta sun). Yay. Now I feel icky but don’t feel like showering. I’m sure you wanted to hear that.

Life’s a beach sometimes, isn’t it?

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