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Let’s Talk About a Good Matt for Once

Fisch5881: i still owe you lunch for movies
faeriewingtips: i still owe you movies for lunch

A long, long time ago, I told MattH I’d give him my Friday the 13th parts 1-3 DVDs (I had bought those then they released a box set that was cheaper to buy than getting the rest of the series individually) in exchange for lunch at Portillos. Today, we finally ended up getting that lunch. Mmmmhotdogandfriesandchocolatecakeshake. I enjoy eating lunch with Matt because only he seems to understand the value of ketchup in the same way I do. I think he kept a line waiting for a few minutes as he filled our tray with about 10 paper cups of ketchup (or perhaps it was catsup). We had a good talk too. It feels good to be at a place with someone where you can be truly happy for where they are.

Now, what would be a Val update without some fun links?

Link #1: Play-Doh Perfume!!!
best perfume ever? I want this so much!!! Who doesn’t want to smell like play-doh??? It’s by far the sexiest scent around.

Link#2: Durex Dickorations
Umm, yeah. You know you want to click this. And you know you want to print it, cut it out, and try it on…and take pics and show me?? Eh? Eh?

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