1. Thank you to everyone who gave me a good giggle last night by googling some of the following phrases:
valerie bromann socks
val bromann electric
val bromann things
val bromann monkey
dog eating valerie bromann
valerie bromann gloves
valerie bromann jacket
valerie bromann clothes
valerie bromann pants
shoes for valerie bromann
valerie bromann on a horse
smoking valerie bromann

It was funny just how many people went and did that. 🙂 I hope you found what you were hoping for! Alas no word yet from the naked googler.

2. Apparently I have been spelling the opera Turnadot for 2 months and it is really Turandot. Who knew? Also, every time I say Die Fledermaus I say it like Rainier Wolfcastle would in a thick fake German accent. Not out loud, just in my head.

3. I went to Matt’s house tonight. We watched the Top Gear with the What Not to Wear chicks. I cashed in on my fake Christmas present. He took pics with his new camera of my pedicured toes and of me trying to eat the brownie he put near his bed without taking my hands out from the blanket because I was cold.

Pedicure with black toenails.


Val eats a brownie with no hands

4. 🙁

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