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Beef lap in Vientiane, Laos.

Laos food fail. What I ate in Laos.

This is an embarrassingly bad food recap post. Because I didn’t really eat much authentic Laos food while I was traveling the county.

I ate a majority of my meals drunk at the hostel. Or was so drunk after a day on the river in Vang Vieng that I forgot to eat. And when I did remember to eat I forgot to take photos. Or the camera battery died because the one in my new point and shoot sucks. Or I went to eat somewhere simply because it had free wi fi.

I did have some authentic Laos food, like a laap in Vientiane, a meat salad mixed with lime, garlic, fish sauce, mint leaves, spring onion and ground toasted rice (also known as larb) that is widely known as the official dish of Laos.

But I really just ate a lot of Western Food or random stir fries or Laos sandwiches and burgers sold by street vendors. And, of course, had a lot of Beerlao. I just didn’t even come close to sampling the myriad of Laos dishes unique to the country.

So let’s just call my time in Laos a culinary food fail for me…

Laos food: what I ate in Laos:

What I ate in Laos.

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