Kochi (Cochin), India

Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

A new chapter in the South of India.

Jaime and I have been traveling in India for two months now. Two long months. We’ve seen everything from the Taj Mahal to random exposed penises, from the adorable kids at our volunteer assignment in Setrawa to garbage being burned int he streets. Indian immigration should hand out “I Survived” t-shirts when they stamp exit stamps in your passport. I think we all just deserve that consolation prize for surviving, don’t you think? After two hard months of travel, we were excited for the next chapter of our journey, flying South to Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

It’s been no secret that India and I aren’t getting along. And everyone keeps asking why I don’t just leave, buy a ticket out of here and not waste my time on a place I don’t care for. But it’s not that simple. Because even though traveling India has been hard, dirty, frustrating, uncomfortable, it’s something I know I will be happy I did. When it’s over.

And just because I hate the place I’m at now doesn’t mean I will hate the next. Or the next. Because everyone has said “just go to the south” and “the south is better.” And so every moment we’ve just been waiting, looking forward to this third leg of our Indian journey.

Last Thursday, Jaime and I finally flew south. To the Kochi airport. Where, as planned all along, we met up with Jess and Dani of the Globetrotter Girls. And took the two hour cab ride from the airport to Fort Kochi. And then scrambled to find food for our hungry selves and ended up at some Bob Marley hippy place that had pretty awful everything. But was there. And open.

But Fort Kochi, India, was lovely.

We walked along the water, watched a movie being filmed (or at least being set up), checked out the funny animal-shaped trash cans (and marveled at the fact that there were actually trash cans), looked at some street art. And while we were still hassled, it wasn’t as aggressive. Maybe the south will be India’s saving grace after all…

Photos from Kochi, India (Cochin):

Fishermen fishing with their wooden fishing mechanisms in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Fishermen fishing with their wooden fishing mechanisms in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Rabbit shaped trash can in Fort Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Monkey shaped trash can in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Walking down the water front in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Goat in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Filming a movie in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Filming a movie in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity. Bombing 4 peace is lyk fcuking 4 virginity. Street art in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

The beach in Kochi, India (Cochin) in Kerala.

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