Kirsten Dunst is my Twin

Kirsten Dunst is My Twin

So on the radio this morning Eric & Kathy were talking about how Kirsten Dunst was apparently mistaken for a hooker and approached outside of a hotel by an old man who wanted to lick whipped cream off of her. They then asked people to call in if they had ever been mistaken for a hooker or a stripper. They then threw in “Eh, we’ll take it if you’ve ever been mistaken for Kirsten Dunst.”

I so was going to call in, because, while I’ve never been mistaken for a stripper, I have been mistaken for Kirsten Dunst. I chickened out from calling so you get the story instead.

I once was at a really nice restaurant and this man at another table kept staring at me the whole night. I was getting really conscious that he just thought I had bad table manners or something. He kept staring and then whispering to his wife and such. Later, the pastry chef there was walking around and talking to him (I think he was a regular because they seemed chummy) and then she came over to my table and said “Sorry to bother you but that man swears that you are the girl from Spiderman.” hehe.

I have also been told a few times by people that I look like Kirsten Dunst (most recently one of Nadia’s friends on New Years). It’s the red hair. Anyways, here’s a side-by-side comparison if you’re really interested (it was the best I could do right now for matching pics):


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