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Lobster Sculpture in Barcelona, Spain

Just living. (Barcelona, Spain)

Settling into Barcelona.

Bad things happen…but you can still live.
Super 8


My first three days in Barcelona involved getting situated in my new place: both apartment-wise and city-wise.

On the night I “moved in” I had a wonderful dinner with my roommates/hosts, who own the apartment and are renting out their spare room to me, of whatever was left over in their refrigerator. Which seems so much more perfect than what I consider the American way of throwing in a frozen pizza.

There was tuna with tomatoes and tomato toast and jamon and omelet. I wish I had gotten a photo. It was pretty perfect.

My first full day I wandered around the center of the city, down the famous La Rambla, around the pier, into the market. Guarding my wallet and camera with all my life as I’ve heard bad things here about pickpockets. Ones I don’t take too lightly because one of the days I saw someone actually reach for my camera.

La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain

Lobster statue in Barcelona, Spain

Birds on a wire in Barcelona, Spain

Market in Barcelona, Spain

Market in Barcelona, Spain

I made myself a salad for dinner. Because 1: I finally had a kitchen I could “cook” in. And 2: let’s face it, travelers don’t tend to eat their veggies. I was starting to crave salad.

Chopped salad in Barcelona, Spain

And the next day, my cough was acting up again and so I stuck around the neighborhood. Got new cough medicine that seemed to at least taste worse than the last cough medicine I bought so I reasoned it would hopefully work better. And then we all went out to see Super 8 in an original language theater. And it was a pretty awesome movie.

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  • Chelsa
    September 13, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Super 8 was awesome!

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