Girls just want to have fun! 100 things to do in 2007. My 2007 resolutions.

June: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Eight more done on my list of 100 things to do in 2007!


10. See a roller derby bout
Hell’s Belles block the Fury from victory 54-50!
Double Crossers crush Manic Attackers 92-17!
and I was there!


11. Have a picnic
Picnicked at Ravinia with Nadia!

16. At least 2 Chicago summer festivals
Printers Row and Pride Parade! I don’t know if either is technically a festival, but I choose to believe they were.

I saw the Hearty Boys at both:

The Hearty Boys at the Chicago Pride Parade.


17. Free dance lessons in Grant Park
I’ve gone three times! I learned East Coast Swing! Brazillian Dance! Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata!

Summerdance at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.

Summerdance at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.


26. See Naked Boys Singing


29. See at least 1 ballet
already crossed off, but I kind of saw more ballet at Ravinia 🙂


32. Go to at least 1 art show (other than Kurt’s)
already crossed off, but I also saw Charlie’s show!

36. Watch all the 80s cartoons I have on dvd
Watched the Secret of the Sword and a couple of She Ra epsiodes 🙂

63. Scan five old event’s photos onto my website
Finished off my five with high school homecoming pics!

Senior year high school homecoming in 1998.

Senior year high school homecoming in 1998.


65. Finish my masters
An A in tech writing and now only ONE MORE CLASS TO GO!


66. Develop a good “5 year plan”


70. Develop a financial plan
Put most of my savings in mutual fund-like things.

Started putting the rest of my shorter-term savings in a higher-percentage online savings account.

Still need to close out my other bank account and move that money around, and once I move and figure out my expenses I will be able to put together a budget.


85. Bake once a month
Yummy raspberry lemon bars!

raspberry lemon bars.

Raspberry lemon bars.


96. Skylark (because they apparently have good tater tots)
Mmmm, and they most certainly did!

98. Go to the Taste of Chicago
Twice so far…on opening day!

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