Nikki Rodriguez

Qualified on Jun 29, 2014

Nikki Rodriguez
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Nikki Rodriguez


Nikki may be new to eating competitively, but she has family ties: He brother Juan is the eighteenth-ranked competitive eater, and will be competing on the Fourth of July.

Nikky came out strong in her eating debut in Bloomingdale, Illinois, but her 10-hot dog total wasn’t enough to beat out Michelle Lesco. Determined to join her brother at Coney Island, she returned to the table in the last qualifier — Cleveland, Ohio — and trumped the competition, earning her place for the Fourth of July.


Qualified: June 29, 2014
Qualifier: Cleveland, OH
Total: 10 HDBs
MLE Rank: N/A

Twitter: @NikkiMouth13


Sources: EatFeats

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