Lucha VaVoom

Joey Chestnut still hates me.

Lucha VaVoom and a wing eating contest after party.

During the hot wing eating contest a guy stood next to me and kept asking me who I was shooting for. And when I told him no one he wouldn’t believe me and kept asking. And then he kept asking the girl next to me, who I had never met before, about me. And then he tried to grab my ass. And then he tried to put some of the condoms into my pocket. And I was kind of creeped out and just tried to move away and ignore him. And why do I only seem to get hit on by creeps like that?


After the contest we hung around a bit before heading off to Lucha VaVoom…which was a crazy Mexican wrestling/burlesque show.

Lucha VaVoom - Mexican wrestling/burlesque show

Seriously, if someone had told me ten years ago that some time in my life I’d be sitting amongst the top competitive eaters in the world watching midgets dressed as chickens wrestling, I don’t know what I’d think. I still am not quite sure I do.

After the show we headed to a bar down the street where Joey won an arm wrestling match and Alyssa fake interviewed Erik. And then we headed to another bar where Alyssa danced on stage and then I was forced to dance on stage and I took a shot and didn’t throw up on my purse. To be fair I didn’t actually finish the entire shot. And then we went to another bar where drama. happened.

Wing Eating Contest After Party

Wing Eating Contest After Party

Wing Eating Contest After Party

And then I went home and got less than four hours of sleep and surprisingly made it through the three and a half hour opera the next day.

And apparently on the live online feed of the contest Joey said he didn’t hate me. But he was lying I say. Lying.

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  • Wrecking Ball
    November 15, 2010at10:46 pm

    This was a great night!

  • Jaime D.
    November 16, 2010at10:20 pm

    OMG sounds like great night!!! I love the pictures of the wrestlers…how random and so cool!!!

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