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JoeJoe is in Chicago…kind of…

We moved JoeJoe to his new place yesterday.

MattyK made a decent joke (for once): “El stop. That’s Spanish for THE stop.” He also stole my good joke: “OOP, unpack it all and start again!”

I forgot to mention last week that he lives right across from the Urban Outfitters. When I saw that I knew exactly where he was in relation to everything. Yeah, I only know where I am based on stores 🙂

We got him all packed and unpacked fairly efficiently.

Joe packed almost as much of MattH’s stuff as his own.

I lucked out and basically had the job of holding open the elevator door with Jen. Jen got off even easier because she didn’t show up until we were done packing up the car.

The mattress guys thought it was funny to press all the floor buttons before getting off. I thought it was funny too because I wasn’t in the elevator 🙂

I was the only one who came to his call when Joe asked for a kitchen expert.

Then we sat around and watched Jurassic Park and then got pizza at My π and I got drunk because only I can get drunk off of two glasses of wine.

Also MattyK had faulty equipment and therefore flooded the bathroom. Just sayin.

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  • Sid
    October 8, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    is “faulty equipment” a euphemism for something dirty?

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