Jet lag in Singapore.

Jet lagged in Singapore.

My first day in Singapore. My first day in Asia.

Every street in Singapore has a different smell. Some have a scent straight out of a Thai food restaurant. Others like what I remember of Poison perfume. Still others like curry spiked motor oil.

I’ve never been to Asia before and since I had to change my original plan, Singapore seemed as good of any to start with. Actually, I’m happy that I started my Asian journey here. It’s kind of Asia light. From what I hear. Which may scare me out of leaving.

Flower in Singapore

I slept in too late my second morning, missing breakfast, still jet lagged.

I took a walk towards the main area of town, it was the day after Halloween and I saw the first sign since starting my trip that that was a holiday. It’s something not celebrated widely and something definitely not celebrated in Turkey. It will be weird celebrating all these holidays away from home.

Halloween in Singapore

I walked past a bunch of buildings that I had forgotten why my guidebook said were important.

I walked along the water, finding interesting statues here and there.

Sculptures in Singapore

Lion fish fountain in Singapore

A stranger approached me and took me away from photographing one thing to show me another few in English I didn’t understand and then read my palm in English I didn’t understand and then demanded money for “helping” me in English I did understand.



And I went to the art museum, which was wonderful, though small, and only had a few exhibits but they were captivating: a man who created lifelike portraits not based on true photographs, videos of a woman’s performance art, walking backwards down the street, standing almost naked against art.

Singapore Art Museum

And that night a friend I knew online but never in person also arrived in town. And we got beers and food. And I ate a spicy crab soup while we talked about travel and whore houses.

And then I went to bed too late and too drunk. Still off schedule from the time change.

Hi, I'm Val. I spent most of my 20s in a standstill, unable to pick which path in life I wanted to take. I wanted the nomadic life of a traveler but also wanted the husband, the condo, and the kitten. Unable to decide which life I wanted more, I did nothing. When I turned 30 I’d had enough of putting my life on hold and decided to start “choosing my figs.” So, I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and traveled for three years. Now I'm back in Chicago, decorating my apartment in all the teal, petting my cats, and planning my next adventure.

  • Jarmo @ArcticNomad
    November 4, 2011at9:55 am

    Singapore is definitely an easy introduction to Asia, but you will be in for a shock once you leave it! Rest of Asia is very different 🙂 Shame you didn’t come to Bangkok, but I am sure we’ll meet another time!

  • David
    November 4, 2011at10:27 am

    Though having Similar Culture as Singapore, Malaysia is truly Asia!

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