Pancake Flight Breakfast at Orange

Jesus is watching them and laughing.

1. Before Chelsa left Chicago for the holidays we decided to grab breakfast at Orange. We split some frushi and each got a pancake flight. My favorite was the bacon stuffed pancake with blueberry sauce.

frushi at Orange in Chicago

Pancake flight at Orange in Chicago

Pancake flight at Orange in Chicago


2. Last week Heather and I went to Frasca for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry so I got a salad. And a Tiramisu. I have my priorities.


3. Music Box Theatre hosted an “Alternative” Christmas Double Feature: Gremlins and Die Hard. I had never seen Die Hard and hadn’t seen Gremlins in a very long time. Both were kind of awesome. And by kind of I mean very. Die Hard made me cry. …


4. Having two weeks off has been awesome. Especially since I can do stupid things like going over to Mat’s place at midnight on a Sunday when he got off work. And then play pool and watching Mulan until 4am.


5. Before going on my break my work had its annual holiday party. I may have gotten slightly drunk. And by may have I mean definitely. And by slightly I mean very. Hey, it was an open bar… 😉

Afterwards we went out to a bar and drank some more.

Luckily the next day my office building had a party in the lobby offering a nice free hangover breakfast…


6. On Monday I met up for a mini KCSA reunion. We went to the Berghoff and got root beer and a delicious Rahm Schnitzel.

Berghoff root beer

Rahm Schnitzel at Berghoff


7. I’ve already made a few meals with the Chicago Neighborhoods spices Heather got me for Christmas…

Ukrainian Village Dip
Potato chip dip made with sour cream and Ukrainian Village spice.

Back of the Yards Tilapia
Tilapia seasoned with Back of the Yards spice.

Flank Steak Tacos with Pilsen Latino Seasoning
Flank Steak Tacos with Pilsen Latino Seasoning.


8. And a meal pre-spice box.

Breaded Mustard Chicken with Mustard Sauce.

Breaded Mustard Chicken with Mustard Sauce.


9. Last night I went to Mat’s and we exchanged Christmas gifts. He gave me an alphabet book with photos of morbid things. I had to look up some of the words. We then watched a documentary about debt and one about Jesus.


10. My new sleeping bag is warmer than my snuggie. But it doesn’t have sleeves.

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  • Heather
    January 3, 2011at5:06 am

    Your meal at Orange sounds fantastic…noting this for my future American roadtrip <3

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