Jen and Dale's First Dance | Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.

Jen & Dale’s Glessner House Wedding

Congratulations Jennifer and Dale! My sister Jen got married and the Glessner House wedding between and her now husband was beautiful. Here’s how their wedding day went…


Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


Friday: Wedding Rehearsal at Glessner House Museum & Rehearsal Dinner at Connie’s Pizza

After getting my hair and nails done it was off to the city to check into the hotel and head to the rehearsal. The hotel (Hyatt Regency Chicago) was pretty sweet, but very very crowded…but we had a damn nice view of the river.


View of the Chicago River from the Downtown Chicago Hyatt Regency.


We got to the wedding rehearsal a bit early and the woman there wouldn’t let us in, so we met up with Jen, Dale, and some of their friends at a bar down the street, where I had a delicious bellini.

Once the start time was finally nearing we all headed over to the mansion (the wedding was at Glessner House Wedding in Chicago) and started rehearsing. I guess there isn’t much to say about a wedding rehearsal except that we rehearsed a wedding.



Afterwards, at the rehearsal dinner at Connie’s Pizza, we ate a lot of pizza and salad and cannoli and got even more jewelry from Jen (I wore five times as much jewelry to the wedding than I normally do), then we called it a night.

Before bed, Nat and I went to explore the hotel…which definitely looked more exciting on paper. We did, however, see some other celebration going on in one of their ballrooms where everyone was wearing a ridiculously large hat costume. No clue.


Downtown Chicago Hyatt Regency.



Saturday: Jen and Dale’s Glessner House Wedding

Saturday Nat and I got ready while watching American Gladiators. Then after being bored just waiting around we headed to Jen’s hotel room to wait for the other bridesmaids. Finally everyone started to arrive in their fabulously individual little black dresses (we each got to pick our own dress, the only rules were black, knee-length, not shiny). Then the photographer came and we finished getting Jen dressed, met up with the boys, and set off for photos!

So, we went and took pics at Millennium Park, by the river, and by the Field Museum (I didn’t get any pictures of any of these, because I wanted to be camera-less in the pictures.) Then, just as it started to rain, we headed off to Glessner House for the wedding.

We all piled into the conservatory to freshen up, looked down the windows at people coming, put together our calla lily bouquets (we just took a couple calla lilies and tied them together ourselves), and try to fasted Jen’s 99 cent eBay veil to her head. Then we went out and took some family pics and then lined up for the ceremony.


Family picture at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


The wedding ceremony at was beautiful and sweet and I really liked the minister while she was ministering (even though she was a bit of a complainer while she wasn’t). We set it up so the groomsmen all walked out first, then all the bridesmaids (since there were more bridesmaids then groomsmen it would have been awkward to try and pair up).

The wedding ceremony was outside in the Glessner House’s courtyard, and it rained a bit, but it wasn’t too bad and no one seemed to mind.

After Jen and Dale were officially married, we got to eat! (My favorite part as always: food!) There were some yummy appetizers of pigs in a blanket and stuffed mushrooms and an olive oil bar of different breads and different flavored oils. Yum! And, of course, the bar! (Just beer and two wines…but wine is all a girl really needs).


Olive oil bar at Jen and Dale's Glessner House in Chicago, Illinois.


We were all entertained by the musical styling’s of the “Wandering Endorphin” Although he stood and played his guitar. I was kind of expecting him to wander.


Wandering Endorphin plays at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


Towards the end of cocktail hour it started to rain a bit more so everyone piled inside for dinner (luckily that was set up for being inside anyways).

Dinner was a pasta bar, where basically you picked your ingredients (I had shrimp, veggies, green fettuccine, and alfredo sauce) and they cooked it for you right there. It was totally yummy.


Make your own pasta bar at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


The maid of honor (Nat) and best man gave their speeches and we found out that Dale is a break dancer! Who knew!?!?!?!

By that time the real photographer had to go ( 🙁 ) but that meant that I had to step in and become the official wedding photographer.

So then it was time for cake cutting, first dancing, and PARTYING!!!


Dancing at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


We moved the dancing outside. It was still raining and the dance floor was wet…


Dancing at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


and dresses got pretty muddy…


Muddy wedding dress in the rain at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.



So we rocked out in the rain to Jen’s iPod, danceddanceddanced, and tried to convince Dale to break dance.


Dale breakdancing at Jen and Dale's Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois.


It was an amazing wedding and a super fun day and I am very happy that Jen asked me to be a bridesmaid (even though I always told her that she was too old to be mine) and I’m happy to now have Dale as a brother in law (finally, someone else in the family who can appreciate things like The Simpsons).

The next morning I made Jen toss me her calla lily bouquet in the hotel parking lot, since she didn’t want to throw it at the wedding (and if she had thrown it, it would have completely fallen apart).

So…after being a bridesmaid three times in this past year, I finally caught the bouquet. 🙂


More photos from Jen and Dale’s Glessner House Wedding in Chicago, Illinois:

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