Me and Nadia at her bachelorette Party at Delilah's Bar

It costs an arm and a penis. (Nadia’s Bachelorette Party.)

So, my best friend is getting married, and you know what that means. If you’re thinking that it means that I should RSVP already since the deadline is in 2 days, you’re wrong! Well, you’re right, but that’s not what I was talking about! What it means is…BACHELORETTE PARTY!

Nadia's bachelorette party at Adobo Grill

Friday night after work I met up with Nadia at her skanking (I meant to type spanking, and considered correcting it, but I think this is more appropriate) new West Loop condo. We then took off to pick up her sister at the Rainbow store. There are apparently two Rainbows within a few blocks of each other. Crazy.

-Nadia: Which entrance do you think we should go in?

-Me: Umm, the one right there where your sister is standing.

Nadia bought a shirt because she hated everything she brought and we determined that Rainbow is the perfect store for cheap crap you only plan on wearing once. The saleswoman was overly excited over the shirt Nadia picked out because she was the one who ordered it and no one else at the store thought she had good taste. And that’s how klassy the Rainbow is.

After meeting Erika back at the condo, we all booked it over to the Sheraton, where we got all dolled up. I was going to wear this totally 80s top I bought, but then didn’t really feel like looking totally 80s all night so I changed to the second outfit I brought because I am a girl and never leave home with just one outfit. This is important. This is what we literary types call “foreshadowing.”

Then Nadia opened her presents and got many nice and scandalous things that I’m sure she doesn’t want me discussing here. Lets just say that we now know more about “congress of a cow” than anyone should 🙂

We finally made it to Adobo Grill for dinner where we had THE BEST GUACAMOLE EVER. Seriously, it was perfect. And they make it fresh table side to your specifications. I also had a delicious daiquiri and Nad had a coconut drink that was pretty darn cute. Dinner was OK, but I’m silly and somehow pictured the cheese casserole I ordered as being more like queso dip, and instead it had way too many peppers and nowhere near enough cheese. At the table we divvied up the cards for the That Guy Game… a card game where each card you are dealt has a different type of guy that you have to find. One of my cards was this one:

Bachelorette Party Games - Page Guy/ Phone on Belt Guy in the That Guy Game

“Pager/Phone on Belt Guy” which totally made me laugh because there’s a certain someone who will remain nameless that I ALWAYS make fun of for doing this 🙂

Right away waiting for the bathroom Nad scored finding one for her “Guy…errr….girl…errr…guy?” card. 🙂

Then it was off to the main event…RADIOSTAR!!!! and then we got there. and it was hip hop night. WHAT IN THE HELL IS AN 80S DANCE CLUB DOING HAVING HIP HOP NIGHT?!?!?! I at least was relieved that I did not wear my 80slicious outfit because then I would have looked sillydilly all night. End foreshadowing now.

So we headed off to Delilah’s instead, which was fun…but definitely not an 80s dance club. While there we decided that we need to add a KB card because Nadia insisted that this one guy looked like this guy we went to high school with. We also conversed with “Too old to be there” guy and his friend “Married…but not tonight” guy.

Me and Nadia at her bachelorette Party at Delilah's Bar

Then it was off to some random bar I don’t know the name of. All I know is that they would not let Nadia in by just showing her Target card, everyone assumed it was her birthday, and there was something in the air that made me start hacking up a lung from the moment we stepped in to the moment we stepped out. We also got a guy to give Nadia a buck (one of her dare cards)…although he had to ask around a lot before coming up with a dollar in change. Eh, it works.

Then it was back to the hotel where we ordered a pizza from what we dubbed “the best pizza in Chicago…that’s open at 4am…and delivers to this particular hotel.” Of course, when we called they said it would be an hour and we were all passed out when it came…then we scarfed it down…then we promptly fell back asleep.

Our bachelorette extravaganza ended today with brunch at Orange. YUMMY (and I won’t say YUM-O, Nad was quite pissed at Rachael Ray for visiting her fav brunch spot). In fact, she refused to order the French Toast skewers because that’s what Rachael had…but luckily for all of us…they decided to bring us an order out of the blue for free! Must have been Nadia’s “brunch tiara” that did it. I got the most delicious cinnamon roll pancake that was filled with pecanny goodness and topped with frostingy goodness.

Bachelorette brunch in Chicago - Cinnamon roll pancakes at Orange in Chicago

And we shared some yummy frushi (sushish things made entirely of rice and fruit). Oh, and we did bachelorette mad libs. Did you know that “penis” makes a good noun and penisy makes a good adjective? Thought so.

More photos from Nadia’s bachelorette party:

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  • Nad
    April 24, 2007at1:27 am

    If I hadn’t aleady packed up my yearbook, you’d have a genuine KB card in your hand right now! Thanks for an awesome night out and for always being up for debauchery! Love you!
    P.S. Maybe Radiostar on Fri. the 11th?…oh wait, we have that thing in the morning ;)!

  • val
    April 24, 2007at12:05 pm

    I have nothing to do the next morning!
    i mailed your RSVP a day after the due date. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go or not. 🙂

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