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wiener schnitzel


1. I have managed to cancel all of my travel plans for this year.

2. Tonight I went to see Mat’s improv show. Then we got Taco Bell.

3. The other day I made wiener schnitzel. I was excited that it came out on my first try ever. 🙂

wiener schnitzel

4. No Idol updates for the week. Michael Lynche got kicked off but then the judges “saved” him so he’s back this week.

5. Last night Mat and I got drinks at the Shire. He’s been wanting to go forever because the name reminds him of Lord of the Rings. The waitress took our drink order, took forever to get him a whiskey, then came back and asked what I wanted even though he had already ordered and then it took her forever to pour my drink. Then we saw her sitting at the bar. Maybe she didn’t really work there.

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