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soyrizo nachos

I’m not giving up meat. I’m just delaying it.

Mexican food without meat is still delicious.

There are two things getting me through this month of eating a vegetarian diet:

1. The fact that I can still eat meat…just not right now. Meat will still be there waiting for me in 26 days (unless, of course, the entire world’s population of cows and pigs suddenly disappears). I’m not giving up meat. I’m just delaying it.

2. Mexican food can be made deliciously without meat.

While I said that the whole veggie thing was partially for health, don’t confuse that with eating only healthy pure good for you foods. While I have been trying to eat fresh veggie-based meals I knew I couldn’t survive without some leeway. And that leeway is definitely Mexican food. Besides hamburgers the one thing I definitely will crave on a day to basis most is tacos/nachos/burritos. And usually that means chicken tacos or chorizo nachos or a steak burrito. Luckily the meat isn’t truly essential to the flavor.

I was even good though and let it go to day five before Imade something Mexican. But yesterday I just couldn’t resist! So, bring on the NACHOS!

Soyrizo nachos

I used chips, homemade refried beans (OK, just, well, beans that I cooked), soy chorizo, salsa, avocado, sour cream, and a cheese sauce from this Rachel Ray recipe.

They were delicious…except I am not so sure that soy belongs on nachos. I was going to just make cheese ones but wanted to try fake meat. And it probably wasn’t all bad. The texture wasn’t awful but the taste was way too strong.

So these vegetarian nachos were totally not healthy but totally delicious and just what I needed. And probably healthIER than what I would get at Burrito House or something….

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