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Karaoke Fundraiser

I’ll never dance with another.

Karaoke Fundraiser Party

Wednesday night was…

– a karaoke fundraising party for Ron’s Project 891 Theatre Company.

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Getting introduced to everyone as “we went to see New Kids on the Block together.”

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Drinking three glasses of wine because it was free…or at least paid for by donation at the door

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Drinking a root beer shot (it involved dropping something into a glass of root beer) because the bartenders brought a round to me and Chelsa for free. (And, of course, taking a million times longer than everyone else did to finish it)

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Watching Chelsa win a t-shirt and CD of the band who was apparently sitting next to us.

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Yelling at Ron because I didn’t win a raffle and getting yelled at BY Ron for trying to sneak all the tickets down my shirt.

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Getting pulled out of the bathroom line by another bartender who wanted to show me off to her friends declaring “She looks like she’s 14!”

– Chelsa singing Rainbow Connection.

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Trying (and failing) to get Ron to sing New Kids…or anything

Karaoke Fundraising Party

– Dedicating a karaoke performance of “When I Saw Him Standing There” (Tiffany version of course!) to Ron!

(When I fucked up the first line the dude asked me if I wanted to sing the Beatles version…heck no!)

(most awesomely horrible but still awesome video ever)

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  • heather
    March 13, 2009 at 2:20 pm


  • Sid
    March 13, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    the guy in the second picture looks like Quentin Tarantino

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