White Sox Game

If you like pina coladas & not getting caught in the rain

White Sox Game

Tuesday the weather forecast kept changing. All day I watched as it turned from rainy to cloudy to rainy again. That kind of thing can drive a girl crazy when she’s planning on heading out to a White Sox game that night.

5pm rolled around and the forecast had again changed to rain. Rain, rain, rain. And, as I left work, I walked through a downpour from my office to the red line.

I desperately texted a few people to make sure that I wasn’t the only idiot who was going to show up. But I was assured by Alina that she was on her way too.

When I got to the stadium it was cloudy, but no rain. I waited with Alina for Jen to get there then we went inside. Good sign: when we got to our seats they were rolling up the tarp.

White Sox Game

Everyone else soon got there and rain, fortunately, never came back. It was time to play ball.

White Sox Game

I got a hot dog and coated it with ketchup and got a giant pina colada, which was tasty but I drank too fast. Don’t worry, I did drink responsibly, if by “responsibly” you mean “don’t let anything go to waste.”

Hot dog smothered in ketchupWhite Sox Game

Giant pina colada at a White Sox Game

The game was fun at first; we even got a home run!

White Sox Game

Then in the seventh things went downhill and we went from being up by one to down by five 🙁

Andrew and I totally are going to be sports announcers. He have great incites such as “he should have hit the ball further” and “he needed to run faster.”

White Sox Game

So, in the end the White Sox lost. But it was a fun night of food and friends…and, if nothing else, at least we kept dry.

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