Cloud Gate - The Bean - at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.

If you come to Chicago…you have to see Chicago…

So, some of Rob’s DC friends are in town for a Warhammer competition (stay tuned later for the “Val finds out what Warhammer is post…). The convention’s out in Rosemont which is a town that I believe only has conventions, bad concerts, and Wolves Games.

Cloud Gate - The Bean - at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.

So, Friday their plan was to come into the city and spend the day hitting up museums, boat tours, the Sears Tower, etc. etc…and then I was going to meet them after work for dinner…yeah…so I get out of work and give Chris a call…and they were just LEAVING Rosemont! They came to Chicago to not actually see Chicago. Turns out they were behind in getting their little men decorated and still had work to do. So…yeah…they came to Chicago AND DIDN’T SEE CHICAGO!

So, at least when I called they were on their way to the restaurant. So I wandered down State and bought some travel clothes and made my way to Weber Grill where they wanted to go. Eventually they got there and we got our grub (I just had a burger since I’d spent so much the night before). They tried to fill me in on what this Warhammer thing is about and thus far I have found that it is kind of like chess, you can paint your men pink and sparkly if you wish, the competition is kind of like Miss USA, and your guys get no advantage if say they are painted camouflage in the jungle over say a city. Something like that. 🙂

Cloud Gate - The Bean - at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.

So, after dinner I dragged them all through Millennium Park, because I refuse to let anyone come to Chicago without at least seeing some of Chicago. So we saw the Bean (Cloud Gate) and the fountain thingy (Crown Fountain), which was on but there was no water. But that’s OK ’cause it was raining anyways. And so, that was basically their extent of seeing Chicago.

Crown Fountain in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • Jen
    April 12, 2008at11:32 pm

    The faces at night are pretty creepy. I have so far only seen them in the daytime. And Warhammer, well, it’s pretty lame. I had some friends that played in high school.

  • Sid
    April 13, 2008at11:39 am

    i retract my comment on your next post

  • Chris
    April 14, 2008at9:12 am

    Thanks for meeting up with us and taking us to millenium park, I was amazed by the architecture and the overall shininess of the bean.
    I also really, really like the top picture in this post, I think it’s print worthy, there is sooo much going on there.

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