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OK, here’s how Eric and I did on picking the top THIRTEEN of American Idol. (They decided on having 13 over 12 at the “last minute” which in other words means it was planned from the start.)

Val Eric
Danny Gokey Danny Gokey
Anoop Desai Anoop Desai
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro Ricky Braddy
Adam Lambert Adam Lambert
Jasmine Murray Jasmine Murray
Matt Giraud Matt Giraud
Megan Corkey Mishavonna Henson
Nick Mitchell Ju’Not Joyner
Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre
Arianna Afsar Kendall Beard
Von Smith Lil Rounds
Kristen McNamara Alexis Grace

BLUE = Performed and Made it to the Top 12 13
GREEN = Did not make it

So Eric won 8 to 7.

Here are the picks for the final three…






First Danny

Danny Lil Alexis Danny
Second Lil

Alexis Danny Scott Lil
Third Jorge

Kris Matt Allison Scott

BLUE = still in it

GREEN = kicked out

ORANGE = third place

YELLOW = second place

PINK = first place

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