Wisdom Tooth Diet - Mashed Potatoes

IAkm ok$ drugs make me skeepy

1. Seriously. I think of everything in terms of food. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for today because on day three after getting my wisdom teeth removed I am allowed “soft foods” which is way more substance than the pudding and ice cream diet I was on yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I love pudding and ice cream. But sometimes a girl needs more! So I was excited this morning to make some scrambled eggs…even though I don’t normally eat breakfast, but I wanted real food!

Wisdom tooth diet: Scrambled Eggs

And then for lunch I made a giant bowl of mashed potatoes…

Wisdom tooth diet: Mashed Potatoes

…because mashed potatoes are the greatest thing ever. 🙂

Oh and I’m back at work.

2. I went out to get dinner the other day, the soup of the day was “potatoe.”

3. Coke.


4. Teriyaki tilapia with stir-fry vegetables.

Teriyaki tilapia with stir-fry vegetables.

5. This weekend Mat came over and we watched Sunset Boulevard and drank wine. We chose a sweet Illinois wine that I loved but Mat hated. I think the liquor store lady thinks we’re dating. I also think the cat is a good little cockblocker because he will sit in between us and bite me while we watched a movie.

6. Mat: I like your globe. Val: It’s a map. Globes go on a table. Mat: So if we put that on a table it would be a globe by your logic.

7. Val: I cleaned today. Mat: Your apartment or yourself? Val: Both!

8. The other day on How I Met Your Mother they had an episode about the “baggage” people have, like getting left at the altar and such. At the end they did a scene that showed everyone with suitcases with their “baggage” written on it…and one of the most prominent ones was “Cubs Fan.” And I laughed and laughed.

9. Sunday afternoon I went to see Chelsa’s choir concert. It was a lot of fun! She even had a wonderful solo! Afterwards we went to Duke of Perth and I got delicious fish and chips and a hard cider.

Duke of Perth Fish and Chips

Duke of Perth hard cider

10. Lee and Crystal! Lee and Crystal! I am kind of excited for the finale of Idol next week…and not just because it will finally be OVER. I first picked Lee to win because Crystal was the favorite and there is always an upset. But over the weeks I’ve liked him more and more, and not totally because he’s from the Chicago area 🙂 Although there still hasn’t been a big “moment” for any of them yet. Let’s hope for a really strong showing next week!

Rank   Val   Eric   Sue
1   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze
2   Crystal Bowersox   Crystal Bowersox   Siobhan Magnus
3   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche   Crystal Bowersox
4   Casey James   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche
5   Didi Benami   Didi Benami   Casey James
6   Andrew Garcia   Casey James   Aaron Kelly
7   Michael Lynche   Andrew Garcia   Didi Benami
8   Tim Urban   Tim Urban   Katie Stevens
9   Katie Stevens   Katie Stevens   Tim Urban
10   Aaron Kelly   Aaron Kelly   Andrew Garcia
11   Paige Miles   Paige Miles   Paige Miles
12   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown

PINK = still in it
DARK PINK = kicked out
ORANGE = third place
YELLOW = second place
GREEN = first place

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