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I want to jump the camera guy.

Is it bad that…

despite the fact that I am now switched to completely digital cameras, I still spent almost $200 today getting pictures printed?

I can guess to the T when someone on HGTV is going to say “laminate has come a long way”???

One of my fake nails was coming up and I spent all day on Friday picking at it until it came off completely…so then I spent the train ride home peeling off the rest of them. I have no nails at all now, ouchy 🙁


Why minimum wage workers have my heart this week…

At the McDonald’s drive through, my McNuggets were cooking, so I had to pull up to let others through and the guy was going to bring them out to my car. He didn’t get the chance to ask me what sauce I wanted…so when he brought out my bag, he had thrown in three different kinds of sauce. It makes me think he cared 🙂

At the Ritz, the camera store guy figured out how to save me over $50 on my order (plus with the bulk cards he sold me, I still have 75 pics coming)…plus he threw in my 10 prints from old negatives for free 🙂 Resulting conversation with Scott:
faeriewingtips: i love the guys there
faeriewingtips: if i was in high school i’d have dragged him to the back and slept with him
faeriewingtips: probably not really
Glitterbot: LOL
Glitterbot: riiiiiiiiight
faeriewingtips: in high school i was sweet and innocent
faeriewingtips: ask my ex boyfriend
Glitterbot: riiiiiiiight 🙂
faeriewingtips: trust me, he’d tell you what i prude i am
Glitterbot: hehe
Glitterbot: see previous statement
faeriewingtips: 🙁

The woman at target didn’t realize that I had 2 trays on top of each other, and only charged me for one. Woohoo to saving $1.99!!!


Reason Number 5,999,874 that I shouldn’t shop at Target alone…

The pretty powder blue picnic serving dishes and corn holders and tumblers they have for .99 – $1.99. Oh, and pink golf balls (even though I’ve never golfed in my life – SCOTT!!! we have to take me now! – At least I didn’t buy the pink golf clubs…)

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