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I want my camera :(

Monday’s horoscope…

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Remember when the very sound of someone’s name would make your heart skip a beat and your ears prick up? That’s why you’ll enjoy today. The giddy feelings return.

Is it sad that I did in fact feel that way all day…but about a camera, not a guy?

Rumor on the streets is that the camera starts shipping today. Of course, that just means it goes from manufacturer to retailer to me…and I probably will not be in the first shipment anyways. Did I mention I want my camera?


For the record, my horoscope today did not say “You will be getting a camera today.


What one article said about the camera: “If the camera has a perfect niche, it’s for bloggers working for websites paying enough to allow them to buy expensive cameras. (None currently exist.)”


OKOK, enough about the damn camera that is not shipping to me…


Last night after work I met up with Brian for dinner. He is in town celebrating Thanksgiving of a Lifetime 2008. We grabbed some Giordano’s pizza and caught up on each others’ travel adventures. He told me about the time he let other people plan his vacation and not tell him anything about it. They just sent him text messages along the way telling him what to do. I so want to do that. Anyone want to plan a trip for me?

He needs to blog more so I can keep up 🙂

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