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I want an arch.

JoeJoe’s away message last night: checkin out the new place tomorrow … if anyone is bored enough to go to an empty apartment in the morning, you are welcome to come …

Yeah. I was bored enough 🙂

Really my only plan for the day was to sit around and watch last night’s Saturday Night Live that I’d taped (not something I normally care if I watch but I wanted to see it because of the writing/cast changes). So…I decided to accompany JoeJoe to his new place so I could watch him mop his floors. Hehe.

The place is pretty nice, not too big, not too small, just the right amount of space. It has two of my favoritest things in an apartment: hardwood floors and a cute archway. I want an arch and hardwood floors.

He also has 2 closets in the bedroom. The kitchen is small but nice and has floors with PINK in them. Joe says he will not base his decorating around the pink 🙁 The kitchen also has doors to close it off so you don’t have to look at it if you are being messy. The bathroom is decent but the water won’t shut off all the way. You can turn the one dial all the way around and just when you get to the point where you think if you turn it just a teenytiny bit more it will stop, it will start going a lot again. Ah well, JoeJoe doesn’t pay for his water. Also, the hot knob works the cold water, the cold knob works the hot water.

After bringing up some of his stuff we got some Subway where Joe saw the person in front of us complain that the soup wasn’t fresh enough and demand his money back. Umm, when I go to Subway, I don’t expect much to actually be fresh. After that we went back to the apartment and Joe’s sister came over and we both watched Joe mop the floors. Funstuffs.

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