Pike Place Market

I tend to do more than most ever will…

My last days in Seattle, Washington.

So I spent three more days in Seattle with Scotty. On the first day I visited his school and walked around the campus while he worked in the morning. We met for yummy Thai food for lunch and then I was left on my own for the rest of the day.

University of Washington campus in Seattle.

University of Washington campus in Seattle.

I decided to take a bus to Fremont, which is pretty much my mecca. There are all kinds of crazy things there, like a giant rocket and a statue of Lenin and a giant troll. Awesome, eh?

I then wandered over to Gas Works Park where I chilled a bit with the pretty view of the cityscape and the odd view of gas tanks (that were totally featured in 10 Things I Hate About You).

I headed back to Scott’s and we got some sushi buffet for dinner. It was delicious. AH the fresh seafood!

The next morning I got up early to go to Pike Place Market, watched people throwing fish, got some original Starbucks, ate some delicious macaroni, and saw the Museum of Giant Shoes!

Then I walked to Pioneer Square and got more coffee and saw more stuff. I went on the Seattle Underground Tour which was awesome. Except I hate when they put the most dynamic tour guide up in the front to give the introductions and then you get stuck with a different tour guide.

Scott and I wandered around Ballard and stopped at a great little Italian restaurant. The only hard thing was choosing what to order because it all sounded so good! I got a fish stew though because I was obsessed with getting fish in Seattle because I knew was way fresher there.

On my final day I took a bus to Woodland Park Zoo. It was fun and I saw lots of animals. I headed back and Scott and I ended up having a pretty lazy afternoon.

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

I was exhausted from all my touristing over the previous week and had to get ready for the last leg of my journey: New York!

I left for New York in the morning and didn’t arrive until night, so I didn’t do much besides get dinner. But my hotel room was awesome. And it had a big nice comfy bed. And it was mine all mine.

Fancy Hotel room in New York City.

Fancy Hotel room in New York City.

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