I sometimes kind of want a pink bedroom.

I sometimes kind of want a pink bedroom.

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My bedroom is pretty blue. And by pretty blue I mean really blue. I mean, I suppose, I also mean it’s a pretty shade of blue too. But you know what I mean. Anyways. My whole apartment is pretty blue, decorated in shades of teal and turquoise and aqua. But, sometimes, I just kind of want a pink apartment. And, sometimes, I just kind of want a pink bedroom.

My bathroom is pink. I lucked into an apartment that came with a pink-tiled bathroom. It’s one of the things that sold me on the place. So, when decorating, I went with it, and I bought a pink shower curtain and a pink bath mat and pink towels.

Pink is, after all, my favorite color.

There are times, then, when I’m tucked into my bed, snuggled up in my teal duvet, that I think to myself, “I kind of want a pink bedroom.” I kind of want to chuck it all and start over and get a pink duvet and pink pillow shams and pink curtains and surround myself in pink everything.

Pink. Pink. Pink.

It wouldn’t take much, really. Just changing the bedding, rearranging some artwork, swapping out some accessories, replacing my desk chair. My curtains are white. My throw rug is white. My furniture is pretty neutral.

Still, I’m not quite ready to make that leap. And neither is my bank account.

But, maybe, whenever I move next, whenever that might be, I’ll change things up and turn my bedroom from teal to pink. And, in the mean time, I’ll just online window shop and make wish lists and inspiration boards for the day I decide to switch things up…

Wish list for a pink bedroom with a West Elm pink quilt and curtains, blush pink desk, and matching accessories and furniture.

Pink Bedroom Wish List

West Elm Diamond Burst Quilt + Shams in Grapefruit

West Elm Audrey Mini Desk in Blush

Opalhouse Embossed Ceramic Single Image Frame

Worn Velvet Curtain in Pink Grapefruit

TexturizeYourEyes Woven Cloud in Dusty Rose

World Market Antique Gold Blossom Mirror

Stay Home Club Night In print by Julia Bereciart

MrsBiscuit Galaxy Cat Planter

Urban Outfitters Sunburst 4-Drawer Dresser

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