Starbucks in Istanbul, Turkey

I should probably just change my name or something.

No Starbucks, anywhere in the world, can spell my name.

No matter where I am in the world, there is one thing I can count on: Starbucks will not get my name right.


Starbucks coffee in Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona, Spain.


Starbucks coffee in Istanbul, Turkey.

Starbucks coffee in Istanbul, Turkey.

Starbucks coffee in Istanbul, Turkey.
Istanbul, Turkey
(In the first one, the dude wrote down two names and asked me which was correct. I said the top one was closer…)


Starbucks coffee in Boracay, The Phillippines.
They got it right in Boracay. I was shocked.


Starbucks coffee in Chicago, Illinois.

Starbucks coffee in Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago, Illinois.


(And yes, yes I did visit a handful of Starbucks abroad. It’s a nice place to go when you have a shit ton of work to do and need an American-sized cup of chocolatey coffee to go with it.)

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