Patty Burger

I managed to mention tacos three times.

1. Sunday I went to Glen and Jen’s place (minus Jen) to watch 24. Good thing I remembered to catch up on the previous 2 episodes I missed. Not that I really missed much. I’ve been kind of bored with the show this year. Rumors are floating that 24 will be cancelled and I really can’t blame them. It’s gotten to be exactly the same each year and highly predictable. Glen made tacos. And the cat was obsessed with my shoes.

Kitty and my shoe

Kitty and my shoe

2. I was going to stay after 24 to watch the Oscars but a few hours earlier I got a text from Mat saying “are you coming to my show tonight?” To which I replied “What show?” and then a couple hours later he responded that it was his first night of graduation performances at the io. He swears he told me about it. But I have a way better memory than he did. The show was awesome. And Mat got to host which was way more impressive to than he thinks it is. And his friend thinks I am a drag queen.

3. I am not a drag queen.

4. I am desperately in love with this Canon lens shaped coffee mug. It was originally only given away to press at the Olympics. Then it was for sale, but only by Canon Canada. And shipping was ridiculous. Now it is sold out 🙁


5. Last night I went to the CSO with Chelsa and JennyS to see Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony and Appalachian Spring. It was very good except for the group of school kids next to us who obviously didn’t want to be there and kept talking and moving the whole time. Afterwards we stayed for the lecture. And by stayed for the lecture I mean got our free glass of wine and then left. Beforehand Chelsa and I went to Patty Burger and got burgers which were yummy. But I was disappointed because all the photos around showed them with leaf lettuce and it came with shredded lettuce. Either way I would have taken the lettuce off but leaf lettuce is so much easier to remove.

Patty Burger

Patty Burger

6. Just the thought of eating shrimp from Taco Bell makes me sick.

7. I guess I can’t start planning my wedding until next summer so I can wear an Anthropologie wedding dress. First step: find a boyfriend.

8. I went by my mom’s the other day and she was making tacos. The meat was soupy and she used Mozzarella cheese. When I think Mexican food I totally think mozzarella…

9. Earphones make my ears itch.

10. I was supposed to leave early on Tuesday so I could meet MK’s friend to do my taxes. Only one thing can really happen ever that will disrupt my day enough to have to drop everything and do lots of last minute website changes, and that is if a star drops out of a show. Yeah. We rescheduled.

11. M: you should have answered your phone earlier because I was standing outside your apartment. V: why didn’t you just ring the doorbell?

12. Mochas should not have fruit syrup in them.

13. While The Office wedding made me want to get married The Office baby didn’t make me want a baby.

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