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I just want meat.

Josh is back from Korea! Last night we hit up Piece. He was actually the one who brought up wanting to go and brought it up, which was funny because I had only just been there with Emily a few month ago. It was rather crowded when we got there, but luckily it didn’t take the full hour wait they said it would. As we waited I ordered a beer called “Festivus” which actually was probably the most pleasant tasting real beer I’ve had. I’d seen it in Time Out so I decided to get it because it description sounded OK: “he leaves spices out altogether and instead coaxes a maple syrup-like sweetness from this strong, dark, Belgian-style ale with a touch of toasted malts in the finish.”

We finally got seated but our table was right near the door/check in area so people walked by and bumped our table all night. We ordered up some yummy guac which was tasty but a bit spicy. I gave Josh his Christmas present which included an iPod sock and Beatles playing cards. He gave me a cute pink pouch thing and a letter opener that doubles as a hair clip, both from Korea. I can’t wait to wear it in my hair so when someone asks me to open a letter I can say “Sure!” and whip it out!

I wanted to introduce him to the wonder of the white pizza with mashed potato and bacon topping, and he wanted meat so we also got a red pizza with meatballs and Italian sausage (I shot down his wanting ricotta.) They were both yummyyumyum.

On our way home we drove my Brookfield Restaurant and saw that it is no longer Brookfield Restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!



At least the cow is still there.

We then stopped for Coldstone because, you know, 2 pizzas and guacamole and beer isn’t enough to fill you up… So I ordered a small strawberry shake and then they asked me if i wanted strawberry ice cream with strawberries in it (which was what was on the board). I said yes and they said they wanted to make sure because some customers get mad because they wanted vanilla with strawberries. Who wants vanilla in a strawberry shake???

We called it an early night because Josh doesn’t get any sleep.

And then I watched part of Alice in Wonderland on On Demand but passed out a little after ten.

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  • Jeff
    January 14, 2008at2:13 pm

    Mashed potato and bacon pizza?

  • heather
    January 14, 2008at6:30 pm

    it’s jeff’s dream pizza. all he needs are chicken fingers.

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