Three Little Piggy Sandwich at The Silver Palm in Chicago, Illinois

I haven’t had this much pork in me in a long time.

Taste of Chicago, Gene Siskel Film Center and a Three Little Piggy Sandwich at The Silver Palm.

Last Friday I didn’t have to work, it was another one of my summer scheduling days. I love having every other Friday off. I wanted to get out of the apartment, not sit around all day, so I decided to head off to the Taste.

Yes, I know most Chicagoans pretty much hate the Taste of Chicago, but I’m a rare breed who likes it. Granted, I hate the crowds and I hate the cost, but I still enjoy myself. Hey, any festival based around food is AOK in my book. Plus I had had a mad craving for stuffed spinach pizza.

Spinach stuffed pizza at Taste of Chicago

Somewhere after the pizza I ran into Meredith who was about to head back to work. And then I got some potato and cheese varenyky, an Irish eggroll, a mashed potatoes filled chocolate cupcake (yes, yes you read that correctly), and some mango rice pudding.

potato and cheese varenyky at Taste of Chicago

Irish eggroll at Taste of Chicago

mashed potatoes filled chocolate cupcake at Taste of Chicago

mango rice pudding at Taste of Chicago

Afterwards I headed off to do a little shopping…my purse was on its last threads and I needed a new one. It broke while I was on my way to Macys.

My purse broke

I was in luck to find the exact same purse on sale and with an extra savings coupon so I just rebought the same purse. I liked it.

After a little more shopping I headed over to the Gene Siskel Center to meet Joe and Meredith. We went to see a great documentary called “World’s Largest” about small town America and roadside attractions. It was fascinating. You can read my review of it on my roadside attractions blog.

World's Largest at Gene Siskel Film Center

After the movie it was time for more food. But not just any food: the food to end all foods. We headed to The Silver Palm to get a Three Little Piggy sandwich…the sandwich that comes with a breaded pork tenderloin topped with smoked ham topped with bacon topped with cheese topped with an onion ring topped with a fried egg. The sandwich that Anthony Bourdain called the greatest sandwich in America.

Three Little Piggy Sandwich at The Silver Palm in Chicago, Illinois

And he may just be right.

The Three Little Piggy sandwich was amazing…even though you could kind of feel your arteries clog more and more with every bite.

But it was amazing. Really.

And after that we went to watch Futurama with Glen. I was kind of indifferent because I never really watched Futurama. And because I was stuffed with pork.

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