Warhammer competition in Rosemont, Illinois.

I guess this is what Warhammer is.

I went to a Warhammer competition in Rosemont today. Hold your excitement, please. Basically it was a bunch of guys playing with little action figures they paint and rolling dice and that means something. I don’t really know what it means but all I’m saying is that I don’t see the point in playing when OBVIOUSLY the guy with the biggest tank could just roll over everyone else and be done with it in two seconds. Just sayin’

Warhammer competition in Rosemont, Illinois.

And I was definitely one of maybe 7 girls in the entire place…

Apparently they award points for your theme and the guys I know decided that their theme would be The Village People…

The Village People themed costumes at a Warhammer tournament in Rosemont, Illinois.

I managed to find one guy who had the good taste to paint his little pieces pink with butterflys…

Pink painted figure at a Warhammer tournament in Rosemont, Illinois.

Ummm…yeah, that’s about it.

Val Sleeping at a Warhammer tournament in Rosemont, Illinois.
(val sleeping)


More photos from the Warhammer competition in Rosemont, Illinois:

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  • Sid
    April 13, 2008at11:38 am

    Why on earth were you here?

  • Chris "The Indian"
    April 14, 2008at9:33 am

    Val these pictures are amazing. They are some of the best in action tournament shots I’ve seen, and you have some really iconic moments in there.
    Thank you so much for coming and taking pictures of our silliness. I will shamelessly stealing some of these, as well as posting the link to a forum for the convention if that is ok with you. Sorry you were bored..but I warned you! 😛
    Thanks again, next time, more Chicago sightseeing!

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