Hibachi in Virginia

Virginia Road Trip: I don’t do well with decisions.

Virginia Road Trip

I made the decision, this morning, on the second day of my Virginia road trip, to make a b-line for Alexandria. I had a few stops at roadside attractions scheduled but nothing really stood out and I figured I’d rather make it to Virginia early. And by early I mean early afternoon.

I did drive by a giant cross which was not as impressive as the world’s largest cross in Effingham.

And I stopped off to see the world’s largest apple.

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip - World's Largest Apple

Which was awesome.

And then I drove to Alexandria to see Rob and Christine. We chilled around their place and watched Plan 9 From Outer Space and played a game of Life, which I miserably failed at. Go figure.

Then we went out for a hibachi dinner. Which was delicious. I’d never been to a hibachi restaurant before and it was quite a show.

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip - hibachi dinner

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip - hibachi dinner

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip - hibachi dinner

Now we’re just spending a chill night with TV. And I have no idea what I am doing yet tomorrow….

My Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip:

Day 1: You know you take the scenic route when…

Day 2: I don’t do well with decisions.

Day 3/Day 4: And all the roads that lead you there were winding.

Day 5: I swear we were infinite.

Day 6: Chicago needs more mountains.

Day 7: Second Best Water Ever.

Day 8: RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival.

Day 9: It ain’t over till it’s over.


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