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I don’t do sadness, not even a little bit.

1. Things Heather has never seen/heard before the last few weeks:
– “In the direction of travel, doors open on the left…”
– An Extenze infomercial.

2. Yesterday I got rice with shrimp for lunch. I’ve gotten it before and it was fine and tasty. Yesterday I got it and after eating one I looked down and saw that none of the shrimp had been deveined. And I was totally grossed out and almost threw up and threw it out. I told Scott later and he said that deveined shrimp was perfectly fine to eat. I said I don’t want to eat shrimp poop because it is icky. He did not buy “eating poop is icky” as a valid argument against it. I think that that statement does not need any more explanation.

3. Saturday afternoon I met my sisters downtown to go see Spring Awakening. I’d actually seen it before last year when I was in New York and absolutely loved it! Seeing it again was no disappointment either. It is really a phenomenal show. Except now I have the soundtrack in my head. Yes, yes I am still the same theatre dork I was in high school. I think i only like musicals about sex and drugs though. I have now seen RENT, Spring Awakening, and Avenue Q twice each. I kind of want to see CATS though (cue jazz hands)…who doesn’t like a musical about singing dancing cats???

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

4. Sunday afternoon Mat came over and we split a sausage pizza at Frasca. He then gave me my first guitar lesson.

Sausage pizza from Frasca

Guitar lesson from Mat

Guitar lesson from Mat

5. Sunday night I met Chelsa to go see Dead Snow at Music Box. If you ask me to go see a movie about nazi zombies I will probably say yes. It was from Norway and was subtitled. And it was hilarious. At first I wasn’t sure if it was just unintentionally hilarious or just funny in that way where people need to laugh to relieve tension. But it was actually pretty hilarious. I wasn’t expecting that. I always come out of movies though with the stupidest of questions…like in this one they split up to try to find the car…and all I could think was how the hell many keys did they bring? Also, never sneak up on someone when they are killing a zombie. Just sayin.

6. I am very amused that the itap on my phone understands the word “comicon” but not the word “dork”…

7. These are the photos I turned in for the motion assignment for photography class…

Stopping motion:
Photography assignment: Stop Motion - Dancers stopped in motion.

Showing Motion:
Photography assignment: Show Motion - Guitar playing in motion.

Another Stopping Motion (because the people at lab lied):
Photography assignment: Stop Motion - Horse racing stopped in action.

What I would have turned in for panning if the people at lab didn’t lie:
Photography assignment: Panning Motion - Horse races panned.

8. What’s the perfect dinner when it is 90 degrees and your air conditioning is broke? This delicious peach caprese salad! I’m not always a fan of tomatoes and I am always a huge fan of peaches so this just seemed like a winning combo…and it was!

Peach Caprese salad

9. I know I should be very thankful that I have a job and make money…but I am kind of jealous that Heather and Alyssa get to sleep in and hang out all day and stay up late while I am working 🙁

Heather and Cat on the couch

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  • Sid
    August 13, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Heather had never seen an extenze commercial? those things are HILarious

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