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A street food meal in Hanoi.

I didn’t pho-get: what I ate in Vietnam.

I ate a lot of amazing food while traveling and I made sure not to pho-get to show you what I ate in Vietnam!

I ate a lot of Pho, which is a Vietnamese soup made of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. It’s perhaps one of Vietnam’s most famous dishes and popular street in restaurants and as street food. I tried many variations throughout the country, including one from a street stall that told me and my companions that it was made from “special cow.” I’m still not quite sure what that special cow was…

And I tasted a lot of other popular Vietnamese dishes and local specialties like a Bahn Mi sandwich, spring rolls, and rice pancakes. My favorite might have been the local dishes in Hoi An. There was the White Rose (banh bao vac), a translucent white dumpling filled with spiced minced meat and bunched up to look like delicate white rose. There was the Hoi An wonton, a mix between a ravioli and nachos, the Hoi An Wonton is a crispy filled wonton topped with a salsa-like topping of vegetables and sweet and sour shrimp. And there was Cao Lau, a bowl of barbecue pork slices, pork crackling, bean sprouts, lettuce and herbs, it is then finished with stock.

As much as I loved the local food in Vietnam, I, of course, needed to sometimes satisfy some Western cravings. Like pizza. Because I always end up eating a lot of pizza…

Want to know everything I ate in Vietnam? Here you go…

What I ate in Vietnam…


I ate a lot of pho in Vietnam. A lot of Pho…

I of course ate lots of pho. The last one was made with “special cow.” Still not sure what that means…


Other local food I ate in Vietnam:

Spoiler alert: it was all delicious.


And, of course, I didn’t eat all Asian food…

Sometimes a girl just needs pizza.

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  • Tom
    January 12, 2012 at 8:32 am

    That pho looks amazing, as does the cashew chicken. Although as a Brit (and therefore fish and chips aficionado) the Vietnamese version looks just plain wrong! 😉

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