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I apparently was the hot single bridesmaid…

So…it’s been a crazy 24 hours.

I got home last night at 2am…to a town that was completely black – all the streetlamps were out. Come home to find that all of the power is completely out. Now, the phone in my room is kind of old. It has a battery backup that is also kind of old (aka never been changed). So, when the power went out and the backup kicked in and it didn’t have enough juice it just started beeping…a lot…over and over and over and over. So, my room is pitch black, my phone is beeping like crazy, it’s 2 in the morning, and all I want is some fucking sleep. So I try to unplug the phone, but the plug is behind my dresser. So I can’t reach it. Finally I manage to unplug the plug from the phone…but the phone is still beeping! And then I try to open the battery door…but the battery door won’t open. But it loosens it a bit…which causes the beeping to turn into a loud annoying hissing that sounds like a dying cat getting run over repeatedly by an SUV. And it’s still pitch black and I can’t see anything. But then I find a hammer on my dresser and pound the damn phone with it. Seriously, I took a hammer to my phone in the middle of the night. I came super close to throwing out my window too. But that did shit, damn resilient phone. So then I finally manage to open the battery door and get the battery door open and so it stops hissing and beeping. And then two minutes later the power comes back on.

Today was the Inline Insomniacs Summer Chicago Skate. I drove over to JoeJoe’s first to grab lunch and skate over with him. I had to make Joe park my car for me. A couple walking by was laughing because they thought I was standing on the curb to help him park, but I don’t think they realized that more pathetically he had to park it for me because I can’t park on the left side.

We grabbed some Cosi and it took forever and a day to get our salads. Seriously people, it’s a salad. It shouldn’t take fifteen minutes to toss some lettuce in a bowl.

Then we skated the four miles along the lakefront to the Sears Tower…Well, Joe and his bro skated…I kind of hobbled. My skates were being bitches and totally giving me no support. It was so bad my foot was basically bent and on it’s side. Not fun. It was horribly painful and I could hardly skate. So, alas, by the time we got to the II meeting point, I had to take off my skates and leave (I was really looking forward to it, but there was NO WAY I wold have lasted the next seven hours in those devil shoes). 🙁

So I paid my respects to the fellow insomniacs and instead trudged off to Nadia’s who lives like three blocks away.

We then spent the next four hours chatting in her super-cute condo where I was force fed pizza, koolaid, and grapes. And then Bryan came home and tried to force feed me ice cream and tell me all of the stuff Nadia already told me.

Apparently all of Bryan’s friends who saw me at the wedding want to date me. They all also think I look like Kirsten Dunst 🙂

Nadia said I could move into their spare bedroom. I looked at Bryan and said “Congratulations! It’s a girl!”

Then we headed to the burbs to go to Kona Grill with Adad and Jen. My macadamia-nut crusted chicken breast was delicious. It came with not one, but TWO sauces. And cheddar mashed potatoes. Yummy. I ate every drop of chicken. Their lack of a blender for blended drinks disappointed me though. Oh well.

Jenny broke the bathroom and Adam and her said I could come live in their guest bedroom. So now I have two sleeping rooms all for moi 🙂

Then we, of course, ended up in the LaGrange Starbucks where, of course, we saw a couple cop cars hassle some fighting kids (I have never been to that Starbucks at night and not seen a cop car out taking care of business).

Then Nadia had to drive me from there, which was about 2 minutes from my house, to Lincoln Park, which is about a half hour away so I could pick up my car so I could drive right back 🙁 At least I remembered where JoeJoe parked though 🙂

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