I almost wish it rained more.

Vacation in Seattle, Washington.

I arrived in Seattle on a Wednesday morning and took a way too expensive cab to the hotel because I was way too tired to try to figure out the bus system. But I got to my hotel and since Brian wasn’t getting in until late in the day I decided I would explore on my own. After trying to read a map I determined that I was sort of kind of near Capitol Hill, which is the eccentric area kind of reminiscent of Clark and Halsted here, only even a bit more out there. Seriously I got stopped by a woman on the street who told me she was a street person and wanted to be my friend and wished me a happy early Pride day. A lot of people in Seattle randomly told me they want to be my friend. By that I mean two. Which I think is a lot.

Anyways. I went to the Museum of Mystery which was kind of lame. It cost $2 to get in but I only had a ten and the guy had no change. I scrounged up a $1.60 in change and he let me in although he said I could go in for free. There were big foot prints and information on ghost sightings and such.

Bigfoot at Seattle Museum of Mysteries.

Bigfoot at Seattle Museum of Mysteries.

I stopped for some coffee and then headed to Volunteer Park and stopped at their free conservatory to check out the flowers.

I walked up the street looking for the Jimi Hendrix statue, passed it, went back, still couldn’t find it. Walked all the way around the block. Walked all the way around the block the other way and finally stumbled on it.

Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle, Washington.

Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle, Washington.

I went to the Seattle Art Museum, mostly because I wanted a place that I knew I could check my bags and escape some of the heat. I had my entire camera bag and laptop on me and my shoulders and back were killing me and I needed a break. That was much needed. While some people said the museum wasn’t that great I actually really liked it. There was a lot of modern art and things like giant black rats and an interesting exhibit on race in America where the artist took classic paintings and changed them up.

I then walked to the waterfront and checked out the awesomely amazing Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe which had amazingness like two-headed calves and petrified skeletons.

I got some clam chowder and watched the seagulls. Then I walked to the Olympic Sculpture Park and walked amongst giant pieces of artwork and admired the water.

I walked around a bit more but nothing of interest was open anymore and I wasn’t really hungry so I went back to the hotel and chilled. Brian and Time and Rose didn’t end up getting in until maybe 11 or so. By that time I was tired and sore and a little hungry. When they got there we checked in and ordered pizza and then passed out.

The next morning we headed to EMP/Sci-Fi Museum. We checked out the Sci-Fi Museum first. It was small but pretty cool. It was basically everything the Hollywood Americana Museum in Metropolis should have been. The best part though was the Jim Henson exhibit! It rocked my socks and had everything from the posters he designed in college to his experimental works to Sesame Street.

We didn’t have time for EMP because we had to head out to the Mariners Game! The game was great! The Mariners killed it and I not only had a hot dog, but also had clam strips! I was disappointed by the lack of craziness when a home run was scored. Where were the fireworks? I was not disappointed by the fact that the guys raking the field busted out in dance. Awesome.

It was at the game where we found out that Michael Jackson had died and it became what everyone was buzzing about. The street vendor when we left was blasting his CD but swore that it was what he played after every game.

We headed back to EMP and walked through. The museum was soso, basically just a history of Seattle music and not too much spectacular. As a designy-ish person I liked the special poster exhibit going on. I think the recording studio thing was probably what people like most, but we didn’t have much time for that. It seemed interesting though.

We next headed up the Space Needle! I have to admit I was a bit scared up there! Heights just aren’t my thing. But the view was coolcool.

We headed back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep, we had a long drive ahead

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