New York Vacation

Heather says it means I’m going to die.

New York Vacation

After the elephant eating contest on July 3 I met up with Jamie and Sadie and Carrie who run a site called HungrySisters and are also competitive eating fans. We went to Nathan’s for lunch and then I watched as they rode the Cyclone. I had my camera so I couldn’t risk getting on with it…Yeah, that can be my excuse 😉

The beach at Coney Island in New York.

Eating at Nathan's Famous on Coney Island.

The Cyclone on Coney Island.


Afterwards, I took the subway back towards the hotel but got off at Bryant Park to walk around and then took a lazy stroll home through Times Square. Do they let cars into Times Square anymore? Everyone was just sitting in the streets.


Bryant Park in New York City.

Carousel at Bryant Park in New York City.


Then I crashed for a while, took an impromptu walk through Central Park, then grabbed some Chinese takeout. While waiting, some of the kitchen staff got in a big fight. I don’t know what it was about because they were fighting in Chinese. I still got my food though. So all was OK.

Chinese Take Out in New York.

I took my takeout back to my room. I am never in a big hurry to be a tourist in New York because I have been there before and know I will be again. Plus I was pretty worn out. Plus I knew I had a long day ahead at the hot dog eating contest the next day. Plus I was paying an arm and a leg for the hotel room so I wanted to take full advantage. The shrimp was delicious because it was full shrimp with just a light breading. I am so used to Chinese shrimps being tiny and all breading. It was delicious.

But my fortune cookie was empty. I was sad.

Heather says it means I’m going to die.


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