Wicker Park Fest in Chicago, Illinois

Heather, don’t run into Batman!

Wicker Park Fest

Sunday night Heather and I met up with Alyssa and went to Wicker Park Fest. We played with some random dogs, listened to music, drank (Alyssa beer, me sangria, and Heather nursed a hangover), met Batman, ate (I just had sweet potato fries), and played half-assed hipster bingo (we spotted some nice ironic mustaches and a lot of fedoras).

I determined that my usual theory that a hot camera can make a guy look hotter did not apply to Wicker Park Fest for some reason.

Then we tried to go to the bar I’ve wanted to go to but it was closed so we went to another one and swung danced and I drank half a beer. Why do I order a beer if I hate it?

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