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He does sound like the guy who sings the Hobbit soundtrack.

I really should learn that when someone calls at 10:45 at night and says “want to go hear my friend’s band play” that I should say no. Of course I won’t, but whatever. So I went to go hear my friend’s “band” play but by the time I got there I only heard one and a half songs and they were out of sour so I had a whiskey ginger. At least parking was good. I had fun though. I am just kind of a zombie today. I need more sleep. That will not happen any time soon.


We are all failing miserably at this Idol pool. Adam will probably win and none of us picked him because none of us liked him. But he seems to be doing the best even though he isn’t a rocker he is just an actor pretending to be one on TV (yes, there is a slight difference in that compared to what all the other contestants are). Anyways, (SPOILER) Lil went home last night. She was one of the best in the first week so we almost all picked her, then she dropped and was horrible since. We all lose.






First Danny

Danny Lil Alexis Danny
Second Lil

Alexis Danny Scott Lil
Third Jorge

Kris Matt Allison Scott

BLUE = still in it

GREEN = kicked out

ORANGE = third place

YELLOW = second place

PINK = first place

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