Hardly working.

Things I did this weekend to accomplish my 100 in 2007 goals:


1. Tried out my million dollar Pillsbury Bake-Off entry:

Pillsbury Bake-Off Entry: Pineapple Chicken Pockets

Pineapple Chicken Pockets. You don’t want to know where the “pineapple” comes from 🙂


2. Watched Hellraiser

Apparently Blockbuster no longer carries movies. Seriously they had only parts 3 and 5 of Hellraiser. Hollywood wasn’t much better but they did have part one (and a worker who insisted that it was the best movie ever made). Who am I kidding though, I should just go buy the entire series 🙂 It was however, a very very good movie. Some of the special effects were so terribly 80s, but much more convincing than that CGI crap.


3. Watched 12 episodes of Fraggle Rock

Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed to watch such things. All I did was analyze their relationships and try to figure out which Fraggles are secretly lusting after one another. I swear there was one point where if Boober and Red had been in a teen sitcom they would have totally had sex. Yeah, I shouldn’t be allowed around children’s shows. There was one episode too where Uncle Matt wrote back about how humans smoke. My how television has changed.


4. Scanned recipes.

Yeah, that’s kind of very boring.


5. Dyed my hair blonde.

My hair is kind of blonde

Yes, again. There is much much less red in it now, but in the pic it looks rather red still.


6. Went shopping.

Well, it’s not really one of my goals, but at least I have cute stuff to wear to everything. 🙂 I got shoes for Nadia’s wedding and ordered what I think will be my bridesmaids dress for Jen’s (plus a dress for her rehearsal dinner or something). I also got free underwear at Victoria’s Secret, although it’s less underwear and more elastic:

j'taime undies from Victorias Secret

And a really cute skirt that was marked down to $20 from $180:

Shiny purple skirt

And I bought wedding presents…Now, you’d think the person at the store who’s only job is to wrap wedding presents would actually be able to do it without bumps in the tape, bubbles, uneven edges, and scratched up paper… Eh, I was going to rewrap them anyways, I just needed the boxes.

I also discovered my new guilty pleasure store, Ruehl, which is Abercrombie but for people my age and with much much less sluttiness. I always refused to go in because they seriously hire people to stand outside and ignore people…But I finally went in today and am in love with the clothing. I bought a couple of shirts (one of which I am wearing in my hair pic, not that you can really see it). I need to stop spending money.

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