Celebrating Pi Day AKA Alina's birthday.

Happy Pi Day…errr…birthday Alina!

Happy Birthday Alina!

Celebrating Pi Day AKA Alina's birthday.

So, I tried my hardest to be late at getting to Joe and Alina’s last night. He said to meet at his place at 8:30. So I stopped at the bank. Stopped at Starbucks. Drove around looking for parking for twenty minutes. Then finally got there around 8:50. I walk in, look around…”Don’t tell me I’m STILL the first one here.”

Joe says it doesn’t count then as me being late. 🙁

As it turns out, no one else came to their place anyways. Em was MIA and JoeW can’t read and went straight to the bar. So we left for Driftwood.

Joe picked out all of Alina’s drinks as usual. We discussed crappy movies and pi and perfected our arrow making skills.

When I went to the bathroom Alina and Meredith warned me that the stalls were exceedingly tiny (they were correct)…they didn’t warn me that there would be a dude in there. I opened the door and a guy was standing at the sink. I stepped back to confirm that the door did in fact say “Women” and then walked past him and laughed.

Apparently, this is the face of maturity:

Celebrating Pi Day AKA Alina's birthday.

And it took way too many tries to get a decent picture of the happy couple:

Celebrating Pi Day AKA Alina's birthday.

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