Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Happy Fourth of July! (Taste of Chicago and Fireworks)

Now we all know in Chicago, the Fourth is truly celebrated on the third…


1. Lunch at the Taste of Chicago

Italian Breaded Steak Sandwich (Ricobene’s)
Irish Curry Fries (Abbey Pub)
Gazpacho with Avocado and Chopped Chives (The Grill on the Alley)
Cilantro Steak Empanada (Vermillion)
Pound Cake Pop Drizzled with Fig Vodka Butter Syrup and Chocolate (Polo Café & Catering)


2. Dinner at Taste of Chicago

Potato Pancakes (Kasia’s Deli)
Cheese Pierogis (Kasia’s Deli)
Italian Fries (Tutto Italiano)
Beer-battered Artichoke Hearts (Bella Luna Café)
Chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treat (Chicago Chocolate Company)
Sweet Potato Chips (B.J.’s Market and Bakery)


3. Fireworks Over Lake Michigan

Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago.

I met up with Jen and Rory and some other peeps and then later JoeJoe and Alina…and then later later with Nadia and Bryan because cell phones kind of stop working when you are jam-pack surrounded by a million or so people all trying to use their cell phone.

The fireworks were coolcoolcool, but shortshortshort as always. Once the fireworks started all the idiots next to us cleared out because they realized that they could not, in fact, see the fireworks through the giant tree they were sitting behind…then a bunch of bigger idiots saw the new clearing and decided to start forming a line IN FRONT OF US WHO HAD STAKED OUT GOOD SEAT HOURS AND HOURS BEFORE because they apparently thought that a million other people just didn’t notice this big empty spot. Anyways. We started a mutiny by not letting them through and this chick next to us almost got in a fistfight with this guy after scooting up to sit right in his path and kicking him so he couldn’t get through. 🙂

All in all though, it was quite fun.

And then came the trek through the city amongst the biggest crowd you’d ever see in your life. Luckily we didn’t take the el anywhere since there were apparently problems that left people stranded on it for hours. eh.

Afterwords most everyone ditched us and the rest of us headed off to Clarke’s.

And I explained my new life plan…which is the most brilliant plan I’ve ever come up with…. 🙂

Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago.

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