Me and Heather at our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday to Us! Our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.

Heather and my birthdays are only ten days apart. Which kind of makes January a super-awesome month for partying. We celebrated my birthday on my birthday on Tuesday. And we will surely celebrate again for Heather next Friday…but there was nothing stopping us from hosting an event in between: our Lincoln Karaoke birthday party.


Me and Heather at our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.

Me and Heather at our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.


Our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.

Last night we had an amazingly awesome double birthday party at Lincoln Karaoke: Chicago’s best private room karaoke bar. After a quick stop for Guatemalan food, Heather and Jeremy and Alyssa and I headed over to Lincoln Square to meet up with about a bazillion other people. We got to Lincoln Karaoke at 9 and a few were already awaiting us. The place kind of looks like a cross between a dentist’s office and a red light district brothel. You walk in to a plain white office-type space and then the guy leads you through some nondescript hallways into a room. Not everyone was there right at 9 so we were ushered into a small room which we quickly knew would not cut it for long. The karaoke machines were cranked up and we sang songs to the background of random Korean music videos and nature scenes that really had nothing to do with the song we were singing.



I loved the space for so many reasons. First you got your own room so you saved the embarrassment of singing in front of anyone you didn’t know (or at least you semi-know everyone). Not that I get embarrassed my horrid karaoke skills. 2) Since you get your own room you don’t get to experience that put your name in for a song and wait an hour until they call your name thing that happens at regular karaokw places. 3) There were several mics. So basically it was more of an everyone sings along if they know the song instead of one person stands while everyone stares.


Singing karaoke at a Lincoln Karaoke birthday party.


We ended up with a pretty large crowd. Definitely over 30. I didn’t even try to count. I was so excited that some people I hadn’t seen in a long time came out and some people from Urbana came too. So they moved us into a much bigger room to finish off most of our night.


Joe singing karaoke at Lincoln Karaoke.


I don’t really remember how much I had to drink. But the good thing about it being your birthday is that you can demand people bring you vodka cranberries all night… 🙂


Alyssa and I singing Karaoke at Lincoln Karaoke.


And then the owner made me do a shot he called the “Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker” which I managed to take in only three gulps with a lime as a chaser. How many times have I mentioned that I can’t do shots here? At least I didn’t throw up on myself though. 🙂



We ended up staying at Lincoln Karaoke until three in the morning and we sang everything from everyone. ABBA and System of a Down and Skid Row and Radio Head and Madonna and Pearl Jam and Ace of Base everything in between. And it was amazing. Well, a lot of the singing was awful. But that is what karaoke is. Awful singing


Singing karaoke at our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.


It was such a blast singing at our happy birthday karaoke party until the wee hours of the morning with tons of close friends and new friends alike.

Thanks to everyone who came out and sang karaoke or didn’t sing karaoke!


Heather sings Karaoke at our Lincoln Karaoke Birthday Party.

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