Josh bought me flowers for my 26th birthday party.

Happy birthday to me! (My 26th Birthday Party)

I am so glad that birthdays still excite me. I still get that giddy feeling all day just waiting to go out and celebrate. 🙂 Here’s what I did for my 26th birthday party.

My 26th birthday party at a wine bar

So, yesterday I turned a big ole 26. And a big ole thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate my 26th birthday! We went to my fav little wine bar, Parallel 42, which I went to for the first time a year ago for my last birthday. It was a ton of fun! So many people came too! I think it was the biggest turnout I’ve ever had besides my infamous 21st. We had a Jenny, Adam, Nadia, Bryan, Josh, MattyK, JoeJoe, Alina, ScottyMcHotty, Wilkey, JenPlec, Andrew, and Jen. Woohoo! I was especially excited to see JoeW and JenPlec because I haven’t seen either of them in forever.

I started out with the flight of French whites. Basically because a glass of one cost $8 and a flight of three (which were almost a full glass each) cost $8. Best deal around! All of them were mighty yummy too! Then I had some Rosa Regale, which was a mini bottle so I got 2 glasses out of that. And then I tried another wine…it was a dessert wine, and damn yummy…this was MK’s reaction to it…

Matt tastes a glass of very sweet wine

Matt tastes a glass of very sweet wine

I’m too sweet for his blood 🙂 So, yeah, I didn’t have a lot to drink at all 😉 Especially since I sure didn’t have any wine at work before I came to my party 🙂 Shhhh. I’m sure everyone will vouch for my loopyness after drinking. 🙂

I also had a hot date for my party 😉

blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with apple cider sauce

Hehe. Get it…it’s a date…wrapped in bacon and stuffed with blue cheese with apple cider sauce. Yummy. Me and my girls also shared a warm cookie with ice cream. Delicious.

Josh brought me flowers because he knew getting flowers from a boy was on my list of goals for the year

Josh bought me flowers for my 26th birthday party.

He also brought me chocolates and didn’t bring his girlfriend. Me thinks he’s trying to tell me something 😉 hehe.

Nadia and Jenny both got me oven mitts! Hehe. They rock because I wanted new oven mitts, and I like them both. Nad got me an apron to match the ones she gave me and Jen got me a matching kitchen towel. All for my future ocean blue kitchen. I’ll be doing some good baking!

I got over mitts for my birthday

After we wined for a few hours most everyone called it a night so me and Poulin headed to a little Irish pub near my house so we could girl talk and such where this weird guy wouldn’t stop hitting on us. Even after Jen first told him we were there “together” and then later after she showed him her engagement ring.

The night was tons and tons of fun and I am really happy so many of you came out for it! I love all of you guys, thanks for making my birthday so amazing!!!

More photos from my 26th birthday party at a wine bar:

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  • Anonymous
    January 21, 2007at9:07 am

    Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good one.

  • Rob
    January 22, 2007at8:43 am

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • val
    January 22, 2007at9:54 am

    thank you! thank you!

  • Chris
    January 22, 2007at9:59 am

    Hooray for Val getting flowers on her birthday! Congrats and happy day!

  • val
    January 23, 2007at11:55 am

    thank you!

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