Nadia's Birthday - Happy Birthday Nadia

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Happy Birthday Nadia! Nadia's Birthday Party

We went out for Nadia’s birthday tonight! Got some pie. I discovered (after knowing her for like 16 years) that me and Jenny have the exact same pie-eating habits. Jen and Adam gave Nad these cute bride and groom build-a-bears. Aaaawwww. I gave Nad Guinness and Guinness glasses all wrapped up in Spongebob paper with a Popple card 🙂 After pie-ing we went to play some pool, which I haven’t done in soso long. I was kicking ass for a bit, but then I lost it 🙁


1. Me: 7 weeks into her marriage and Jenny’s already cheating?
Jenny: What can I say, I like the balls.

2. I apparently have to marry someone whose last name is Extopalopuble

3. I will touch any man’s ass for money. I am the only one allowed to touch Nadia’s ass

4. The Death Cab death song is everyone’s favorite song

5. Nadia is mad at me because I stole her Escalade in a dream

6. Jenny is into metal, who knew?

7. Reegers vs. NonReegers

8. Jenny is no longer a Johnson!

Also Happy belated Birthday to Rob and Glen who also recently turned a year older!

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