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Appetizers at Kona Grill

Happy birthday Meredith!

Meredith's birthday party at Kona Grill.

Last week Meredith celebrated her birthday. Friday we all met up at Kona Grill for dinner. We decided to get some delicious sushi as an appetizer so we could get both entrees and sushi. That was a good call. We also got onion strings. Yum. The ordering process was actually pretty easy as Alina, Meredith, and I all got the macadmia nut chicken, Joejoe and Joe both got the meatloaf and Maureen was different and got a salad. Then we got a chocolate brownie and a white chocolate cheesecake. And Meredith got a drink that came with rock candy which was awesome.

Appetizers at Kona Grill

Rock candy cocktail

Macadamia nut chicken at Kona Grill

chocolate brownie and white chocolate cheesecake dessert at Kona Grill

After dinner we headed back to Meredith and Joe’s place and tried to figure out what you would do with a huge stack of scrapbooking materials and tried to convince Meredith that she should make a totally inappropriate scrapbook from her honeymoon.

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