Me and Joe at his birthday party

Happy birthday JoeJoe!

Joe: If you slept over, you’d have to sleep with the cats.
Me: If by cats you mean tiger, and by tiger you mean you, then yes!

Me and Joe at his birthday party

MK was having a work shindig thing to try to lure people in to get clients or maybe donate to charity or something. I stopped by and got me a free pork sandwich and think I roped myself in to giving him all of my money. I at least better get taken out to coffee or dinner like he does with all his other clients.

After selling my soul…well not right afterwards…more like around 11pm, I headed out to the city to meet JoeJoe to celebrate his birthday. The night was filled with odd tv, many drinks, and trying to get JoeJoe to dance. On the list of three options for what he had to do once drunk “make out with Val” ranked higher than “shave your head” but he would rather “dance” than any of those. I wonder whether Alina would prefer him to make out with me or to shave his head…hmmm. Needless to say JoeJoe is working in his underwear tomorrow. I however am not. 🙁

Me and Joe at his birthday party

Friends at Joe's Birthday Party

Heather and Joe at his birthday party.

p.s. how insane am I? It’s three o’clock in the morning…she has to wake up for work in a few hours…and I am writing a blog post and eating potato chips dipped in ketchup. 🙂

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