Jen's birthday party at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove

Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen's birthday party at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen's birthday party at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove

Yayjen! Last night we went out to Ballydoyle in Downers for some birthday drinking. She thought no one would show because we had work in the morning, bah when have I ever cared that much about work?

On my way there I got lost (not really lost, I just didn’t see it and passed it and had to turn around). Once I found the parking garage I parked and proceeded to get lost going out, I had no idea which way to go.)

The bar was fun. Jen got drunk. I had a beer that was like Killians but not Killians and drank the whole thing (minus what Matt drank. And what Scott drank. And what I spilled all over myself) in only 2 hours. They had an Irish band playing songs that only Jen and I appreciated enough to sing out loud along (like Love Shack and Safety Dance). I finally got to meet Rory, one of MattH’s best friends, only 2 and a half years after we broke up after going out for two years. At the end of the night the bad idea bears (aka MattH, MattK, and Rory) tried unsuccessfully to get me to drink an extra “blow job shot” that was sitting on the table, and successfully to get Jen to drink it. Um, bad idea? Yes.

After only one wrong turn in the parking lot resulting in a dead end (this is why I don’t drive anywhere) I managed to make it home fine. MattyK got Jen home without any wrong doings happening to the carpets of his car.

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